4 Great Finger Foods to Pair With Sauterne Wine

Posted on: 10 January 2018

Made with grapes that have taken on a natural fungus, sauterne wine is a rare and sweet beverage that deserves to be enjoyed on its own. However, it does pair well with quite a few popular appetizers and finger foods. This makes it a great wine for serving at a party or gathering where a full meal won't fit. Pair your favorite sauterne varietals with these four foods for a wedding reception or holiday party no one will forget.


Foie gras is one of the classic pairings that has been linked with sauterne wines for decades, but other rich liver-based foods make for a natural match as well. Whipped mousses made with chicken, duck, or turkey livers is easy to serve on a variety of crackers and breads, while denser pates made with organ meats from game animals like boar and goose also pair well with this wine.

Strongly Flavored Cheeses

Since sauterne wines feature a lot of bold flavors and plenty of sweetness, the accompanying appetizers need to either blend well into the background with creaminess or cut across the palate with sharper notes. Creamy and mild cheeses should be mixed with sharp washed rind types like roquefort and gruyere to give guests a chance to sample both types of experience with their wine. Smoked cheeses can also pair well with some varieties that are particularly heavy on the honey notes from the noble rot fungus.

Salted Meats

If organ meats are too overpowering for your guests to enjoy, try a classic spread of salted and cured meats. The salty and meaty flavors pair well with the sweet notes of the wine without competing for your attention. Avoid meats that are heavily spiced and stick to simpler prosciutto, copa ham, and similar options. Olives can also be added to a meat tray since the brine is acidic enough to balance out the fruit flavors from the sauterne wine.

Fresh Fruits

Finally, the ultimate complementary dish for this type of wine is fresh fruit that has the same aromas and notes as the variety you've chosen. Most sauterne wines features apricot heavily, so fresh apricot slices dipped in whipped cream make a great side pairing. Pineapple, citrus wedges, and even kiwi fruits can all make ideal finger foods to serve with this particular type of wine. Steer away from berries and apples, which have flavors that can taste metallic or brassy when paired with many wines that don't feature these notes exclusively.


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