3 Mistakes To Avoid When You Purchase Whole-Bean Coffee

Posted on: 7 October 2022

When you seek out the freshest coffees for your mornings, you probably want to purchase whole-bean coffee. A bag of 11 oz. Colombian whole-bean coffee offers the freshest and strongest flavors when you grind the coffee down and brew it fresh for each cup. When you start to purchase more whole-bean coffee, there are some common mistakes you'll want to avoid. Check out some of the mistakes you could make and what impact those mistakes could have on your coffee flavors.

1. Grinding Too Much

When you want to brew a fresh pot in the morning, you don't want to grind up too many beans. Sure, you could save extra grounds, but the flavors will not be as fresh as they were when you first ground up the coffee. Take the extra time to use measuring cups and measuring spoons for your coffee.

When you measure out the exact amount of beans, you will not waste any so you can get the most out of each bag of coffee. Check the bag for the recommended measurements and then adjust amounts based on your personal tastes and preference.

2. Removing From Bags

If you have an organized kitchen, then you may rely on plastic containers and bins to store items like cereals, snacks, and sugar packets. Naturally, you may want to transfer coffee beans into one of the bins as well. You should never remove the beans from the bag until you're ready to use them.

Coffee bean bags include an aluminum foil lining to help keep the beans cool and free of extra humidity. The bags often contain a small gas release so the CO2 released from the beans can go into the air. With a closed container, the extra CO2 has nowhere to go.

Keep the beans in the original bag and store the bag in a cool dark place like a food pantry. You also want to avoid storing the bags in a fridge or freezer. The excessive cold air could impact the taste of the beans.

3. Over Folding The Bags

As you go through a bag of coffee, you may naturally fold the bag lower and lower. If you overfold the bag, then the gas release could get blocked and the foil could end up creasing too much. Stick with the original fold on the coffee bag. If needed, use a bag clip to securely close the bag from the top.

The more you purchase whole-bean coffee, the quicker you naturally build up these habits and ensure you have the freshest coffee each time you brew it.

Visit a local store to learn more about coffee, including Colombian whole-bean coffee


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