Trying Sushi For The First Time: What Are Some Of The Options?

Posted on: 13 January 2018

Are you planning to visit a Japanese sushi restaurant with loved ones for the first time? If you've never had sushi before, you might not know what to expect, and seeing so many options on the menu could leave you feeling overwhelmed. However, there are some helpful tips to consider if you want to make sure your trip to a restaurant like House of Kobe is as enjoyable as possible.

Start With Some Simple Favorites

Some sushi rolls consist of assorted raw fish, but other options contain cooked fish and even just a few vegetables. Because it's your very first time tasting sushi, you might want to start the trip off on the right foot by trying some of the simple favorites that most people enjoy.

The Cucumber Roll

A cucumber roll is one of the most popular vegetarian-friendly sushi rolls available. Although it may be made differently at some restaurants, the traditional cucumber rolls consist of thin slivers of cucumber, dried seaweed, and some of the sticky sushi rice. It has a light taste and is perfect for anyone who is a fan of cucumbers. It will also give you a chance to taste the sushi rice and seaweed for the first time to make sure it's something you like. Some people like to dip their cucumber rolls in soy sauce for an added zing.

The California Roll

Another popular sushi roll is the California roll. It consists of imitation crab meat, pieces of carrot or cucumber, pieces of avocado, dried seaweed, and the sushi rice. You can eat it plain or with a spicy mayo sauce that adds even more bold flavor with each bite.

Try a Few Additional Favorites

After you've tried some of the simple favorites, you may be ready to explore some of the other options, including sushi rolls that contain multiple ingredients. There are quite a few popular options worth trying while you're at the Japanese sushi restaurant.

The Vegas Roll

If you're a fan of smoked salmon, this roll may be perfect for you. It consists of smoked salmon with diced pieces of avocado, a bit of cream cheese, spicy sauce, seaweed, and sushi rice. What makes this sushi roll a bit different from some of the others is that it's deep-fried before it's served, giving it that perfect crispy consistency.

The Spider Roll

This sushi roll consists of breaded crab with diced pieces of cucumber, diced pieces of avocado, spicy mayo, and even a small piece of lettuce. It's wrapped with the seaweed and then covered in white or brown rice, depending on the kind of rice you personally prefer.

If you're going to visit the Japanese sushi restaurant for the first time, these are some of the different rolls you may want to try. There are tons of flavorful sushi roll combinations available, so it's all about trying out new things and figuring out which ones you like the most. Don't forget to ask for a side of ginger while you're there!


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