Need To Pick A Wedding Menu And Caterer? Things To Put On Your Consideration List

Posted on: 11 April 2018

If you are getting lots of opinions from family members, bridal party participants and other about the food that you will have at your wedding, it's time to meet with a wedding catering company and figure out exactly what you want. Don't go off the opinion of everyone else, an instead come up with your own menu and ideas for your big day. Here are some tips to follow and things that you can talk to the catering company about, so you know that you can appease everyone.

Always Have Appetizers

If you get caught in traffic, you take longer than expected with pictures, or you have to do an outfit change that takes more time than you calculated for, you want your guests to be able to nibble and drink without you there. Pay for an appetizer package even if it's just something simple, so people aren't waiting with their stomachs growling and waiting to eat.

Don't Forget a Meatless Option

Not everyone eats meat, because of dietary restrictions, personal beliefs, and other reasons. It's best to offer a dish that is made vegetable options, or a fish or seafood choice, so people don't feel like they have to eat the meat if they don't want. Some great choices include:

  • Simple baked fish
  • Stuffed shells
  • Vegetable blend with seeds or grains
  • Tofu

If you know you have specific guests that won't eat meat, ask them if they would prefer a pasta dish or something else. This way you know what to pick, and how much of it you will have to order.

Too Many Sides are Unnecessary

Don't feel obligated to spend a lot of money on extra side options for the guests. Offering a vegetarian and meat option, along with vegetables, a salad, and a starch is plenty. Make it as simple as possible while still having options, so that the guests are happy but also so food doesn't get wasted. People only eat so much, so they don't need 10 options on the buffet line.

Your wedding is about you, and as long as the guests leave with a full stomach it will be worth the money that you spent. Make sure that you find items that you and your future partner will enjoy, so you both stop and take the time to eat on your big day. This is one of the most important things to remember.


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