Three Types Of Hot Sauce Three-Packs That May Appeal To You

Posted on: 10 February 2020

A lot of people visit their local hot sauce store to buy individual bottles of their favorite specialty sauces, but this isn't the only approach that you can take. As you shop, you'll undoubtedly encounter three-packs of hot sauce, and many of these groupings may sound appealing to you. Whether you buy a three-pack of hot sauce with flavors that you are familiar with or you try something that is altogether new to you, it can be fun to buy your hot sauce in this way. Here are three types of three-packs that you might notice as you shop.

Hot Sauces For The Same Type Of Meat

Some three-packs of hot sauce are built around products that are perfect for a certain type of meat. For example, you might find a selection of three hot sauces that are all designed to enjoy on chicken — perhaps a classic Buffalo hot sauce, a Caribbean jerk sauce, and a mustard-based hot sauce. Assess the various three-packs to find one that will work well for the way that you cook. If you cook chicken multiple times a week, the above type of three-pack will be something with which you could enjoy experimenting.

Hot Sauces With Increasing Heat

Another popular type of hot sauce three-pack that you'll almost certainly find at your local hot sauce retailer is one that offers hot sauces with increasing levels of heat. Hot sauce aficionados often enjoy testing sauces that are extremely hot, and it can be fun to work up to a flavor that challenges your taste buds. Look for a three-pack that has three levels of heat — for example, mild, medium, and hot. Of course, you'll also find those that have even more extreme options — for example, extra hot, extra-extra hot, and 911.

Hot Sauces With Different Peppers

There are many different types of peppers that are used in hot sauces, so you may find a three-pack that focuses on exposing you to these different ingredients. If you're familiar with a particular type of pepper in your hot sauces — the cayenne pepper, for example — this type of three-pack can be fun to experiment with. For example, you might find a pack that has one bottle made from jalapeno peppers, another made from scotch bonnet peppers, and another from something more extreme, such as the ghost pepper. If you're keen on extremely hot flavors, look for a three-pack with products that feature three of the hottest peppers in the world — for example, the ghost pepper, scorpion pepper, and reaper pepper.


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