Add Home Baked Gluten-Free Bread Varieties To Your Diet

Posted on: 26 June 2020

Gluten-free recipes may seem like a mystery to you, especially if you have been eating wheat laden products up until this point. If your medical practitioner has suggested that you consume a gluten-free diet, bread may be one of the main staples that you would like to address. Gluten-free bread recipes often use starches as a substitute for wheat, rye, or barley and may contain a blend of fats and oils, which will provide products with a light, fluffy texture and binding properties.

Start With A Basic Recipe

Begin your quest by purchasing a gluten-free recipe book. A book that features basic staples and hearty meal options will provide everything from a standard white loaf of bread to sweet and savory varieties, which may include some sweetening agents or zesty spices. Choose a fairly simple recipe that contains a few ingredients. You may be advised to add eggs, oil, or mayonnaise to the dry ingredients.

If you are trying to cut back on fat, substitute egg yolks with whites, use olive oil instead of heavy corn syrup, and select a low-fat variety of mayonnaise. Think about what type of flavor you are craving and the manner in which you will be utilizing the bread. For sandwiches, you may want to add a robust flavor to the slices by adding a pinch of garlic or seasoning salt to the dough. For a lighter taste that is reminiscent of a breakfast treat, add a drizzle of honey or some powdered sugar to your loaf. 

Rotate Your Menu

Diversity will aid in finding the bread types or other foods that will become a permanent part of your menu. Use your recipe book to come up with several meal plans, which incorporate the usage of bread. For instance, maybe you are a meat lover but would like to enjoy something that is similar to a sandwich. An open-faced pot roast or meatloaf sandwich that utilizes a gluten-free bread variety could add a little pizazz to a freshly-baked meat product.

Another option would be to choose a unique bread variety that will complement eggs and bacon that are going to be eaten for breakfast. Once you get the hang of baking loaves, you may decide to omit store-bought bread products that are gluten-free, or maybe you will be inclined to limit the number of products that you purchase from a grocery retailer. 

For more information, check out cookbooks that feature gluten-free bread recipes.


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