You Can Use Dry Ice In Your Kitchen

Posted on: 7 January 2021

Dry ice is carbon dioxide in its solid form. To create it, the CO2 is taken down to a temperature below -109° F. When that happens, the carbon dioxide freezes and solidifies. It's called dry ice because when it melts, it just reverts to its gaseous form and doesn't leave any kind of liquid or residue. Dry ice has been used for many years in places like theaters to create spooky effects, and it has been used for even longer to cool things down and keep them cold. In fact, dry ice has become really important for this purpose currently because it can help keep vaccines at the proper temperature during storage and transport. But that is not all that dry ice can do. You can use it in the kitchen. If you use dry ice this way, make sure that you get food-grade dry ice. 


One thing you can do with dry ice is to make some fancy drinks. You can drop cubes of dry ice into cocktails to cool them down quickly and make the drink look like it's smoking. That effect comes from the carbon dioxide reverting from solid to gas. If you are doing a Halloween-themed party, this can be an excellent idea that will help create a spooky effect. Just be careful when you are handling the dry ice. If you will chip it or chop it, make sure that you are wearing gloves and eye protection. Never handle it directly with your naked skin. You could injure yourself very quickly because you will get frostbite in a very short period of time.


You might not think that you can cook with something as cold as dry ice, but it is actually a great way to sear things like seafood and meat. Some kinds of seafood, especially tuna, don't need a long cooking time and work well with a sear. The extreme cold of the dry ice will work just as well as a hot stove. You will do it to put your seafood or steak on a cooking sheet and place the cooking sheet on the dry ice. If you'd rather, you can put everything directly onto the dry ice, but that's a personal choice. 

If you are looking for an interesting way to create meals that people will talk about for quite a while, you should think about using dry ice for cooking meals and cocktails.


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