Making Perfect Barbecue Chicken

Posted on: 27 July 2021

Barbecue chicken can be a popular dish because of its rich flavor as well as being relatively low fat. As you are making your next batch of barbecue chicken, there are some simple ways to maximize the quality of your barbecue.

Use A Slow Cooker For The Chicken

Some individuals may always make their chicken by putting it in the oven to cook. However, slow cookers can be far more effective at making barbecue chicken. Because the chicken will be cooked over a much longer period of time, it will have more opportunities to absorb flavors from the seasoning and sauces. Additionally, a slow cooker will be able to keep the chicken extremely tender, which can make it perfect for those that want to make pulled barbecue chicken.

Rub The Chicken With A Spice Blend Prior To Putting It In The Slow Cooker

Prior to placing the chicken in the slow cooker, you should thoroughly coat it with herbs and spices. To ensure that there is an even coating of seasoning all over the chicken, you may want to place your seasoning mix in a bowl or on a plate so that you can roll the chicken in it. For individuals that are wanting to avoid making their barbecue chicken too spicy, it is possible to make a simple seasoning blend that uses onion and garlic powder, salt, and pepper along with a small amount of smoked paprika.

Use A Mix Of Quality Barbecue Sauces When The Chicken Is In The Slow Cooker

After you have placed the chicken in the slow cooker, you should cover it with barbecue sauce. This can add more flavor to the chicken as the sauce will soak into the meat over the course of its cooking. As an added benefit, this can also keep the chicken moist so that it will be extremely tender when it has finished cooking.

Choose Toppings That Will Highlight The Flavor Of The Meat And Sauce

If you are planning to use the barbecue chicken in sandwiches, you will want to be thoughtful with the toppings that you choose. Ideally, these toppings should be determined by the overall flavor profile of the barbecue. If you have made a somewhat spicy barbecue chicken, you may want to choose toppings that can serve as a contrast to the spice, such as coleslaw. However, if you have made sweet barbecue, choosing a vinegar-based sauce or adding pickles can help to give the barbecue the balance that it needs.


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